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Find ready-for-use tools to aid in educating patients on Diabetes.

CDC's Division of Diabetes Translation translates diabetes research into daily practice to understand the impact of the disease, influence health outcomes, and improve access to quality health care.

Diabetes Daily is an online resource that provides news, support and tools for people affected by diabetes.

This site provides help on managing diabetes and improving health.

Established in 1983, Diabetes Self-Management is a publisher of reliable health information for the growing number of people with diabetes who want to know more about controlling and managing their diabetes. They publish a bi-monthly magazine, a weekly e-mail newsletter, a number of books, and a blog. provides practical online information and interactive support tools for the management of diabetes.

dLife was established to address the overwhelming consumer need for real, practical solutions to the 24/7 challenge of managing diabetes vs. episodic clinical treatment.

dLife is all about diabetes in real life

This website provides information about an educational DVD to help you understand Type-2 Diabetes, and learn how you can Take Control of Your Diabetes or offer needed help to a friend or loved one who may be struggling to avoid the medical complications that often come with this disease.

Bring Diabetes into focus by learning how to:

This site offers steps employers can take to address some of the health problems that arise from diabetes, such as the implementation of worksite wellness programs to improve the lives of employees as well as lower the costs of health care and missed productivity in a company.

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The site offers clinical practice tools and patient education materials to help identify and counsel patients with pre-diabetes as well as to help prevent the onset of the disease and work with patients with diabetes to take control and prevent the devastating complications.

The web site offers many publications and resources that focus on diabetes care.

A resource to help school personnel find out more about diabetes in children and adolescents and get the tools and resources to help them manage their diabetes.