Carb Cards Nutrition Flashcards Now Available in Downloadable Format

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September 18, 2012, San Ysidro, CA — Now an instant download of the popular Carb Cards educational flashcard deck is available on the website

A favorite tool of diabetes educators, nutritionists, and parents of newly diagnosed children with diabetes, Carb Cards uses games and the flashcard method to help individuals easily learn and understand the differences in the amount of carbohydrates in their favorite foods.

Carbohydrate counting is essential knowledge for Type I, Type II and gestational diabetes. Carb Cards provides basic nutritional facts in a format that leads to success in reaching dietary goals.

The colorful pictures of food, portion sizes and carbohydrates, calories and fat amounts make Carb Cards a user-friendly educational tool for all ages. The 55-card deck demonstrates healthier choices and more variety in meal planning.

Games and activities encourage changes in habits and development of good self-management skills. Whether it’s a fast match of War or a strategic game of Concentration, everybody wins when diabetic patients begin to memorize the facts on the flashcards.

Carb Cards come with 54 food cards, one blank card for customization, and a card with game rules and suggested activities. Visit for more information.

About Carb Cards
Carb Cards offers educational tools and games to learn and teach carbohydrate counting, and other nutrition facts such as portion size, calories and fats. Deck of 54 flashcards available for download.

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